What requirements will Tiger Woods likely face in diversion program for DUI offenders?


Douglas Duncan, Tiger Woods’ West Palm Beach based attorney, talks after a hearing regarding Woods’ DUI charges. The next court date is scheduled for October 25.

Diversion programs like the one Tiger Woods will likely be allowed entry to in Florida related to his May arrest for driving under the influence have sprouted up in many jurisdictions over the last two decades.

Woods is eligible to have his DUI charge dropped and his court record sealed as part of a deal with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office that is being finalized, his attorney told reporters on Wednesday. The first-time offender program he would be placed in mirrors many aspects of similar diversion programs around the nation that were created largely in response to jail overcrowding.

“The program is an important effort to make our community safer by ensuring that drivers prosecuted for first-time DUIs (for both alcohol and drug use) have their underlying substance-abuse issues addressed,” Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said…

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