Whistleblower spurned by players for exposing tennis crooks

ORDINO, Andorra (AP) — As a brave whistleblower, Marco Trungelliti should be feeling good about himself. The Argentine player exposed match-fixing crooks in tennis, helped the fight against the criminal gambling syndicates that are corroding his sport from within and testified about dishonest fellow professionals who, in part thanks to his evidence, are now banned.

But instead, the 29-year-old says doing the right thing cost him dearly. Ranked No. 139, he’s one of the few players so established in the sport willing to speak frankly about the fixers who pay athletes to lose so they can profit from bets on the crooked results. The price of Trungelliti’s honesty has been rejection by other players and stress that hurt his health and his game.

Compounding his unhappiness, Trungelliti also feels he’s been left out to dry by tennis administrators and their anti-corruption investigators. Having pumped him for evidence, he says they failed to publicly defend him against those in tennis who muddied his name, questioned his motives for giving evidence and labeled him a rat.

“They just used me,” he says. “They just dropped me in the middle of the sea.”

“It was a disaster, disaster. In my…

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